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Drug group: Topical product

indication:Various kinds of wounds including 1st , 2nd and 3rd degree burns. Sunburns and chemical burns. The ointment contains 0.25% beta – sitosterol as the main active ingredient. In an oil base ointment of sesame oil . Beta – sitosterol is a natural micro- nutrient plant fat which is found in the cells and membranes of all oil producing plants. The sesame oil has 18 different amino acids with 4 fatty acids: oleic, linoleic, palmitic and stearic acids (1) .

Mechanism of effect

Chemically, beta – sitosterol is very similar to cholesterol, but it's biological function is different. In the first degree burns such as sunburns, Burnagol relieves pain and induces rapid healing in deeper burns. Regeneration takes place from hair follicles and glands in the dermis and subcutaneous tissue (3). Burnagol provides an optimum physiological moisture(4), necessary for regeneration and repair. Also, induces an anti- inflammatory effect reducing thereby edema and erythema. It provides alterations in the environment making it not – favorable for bacterial and fungal colonization protecting exposed and injured nerve endings, producing thereby an analgesic effect. It also liquefies necrotic tissues. Collagenation, wound contraction and epithelization are crucial phases of wound healing. Burnagol expedites epithelialization .Lipid peroxidation is an important process in several types of injuries like burns, inflicted wounds and skin ulcers. Sesame oil and its constituents possess very potent antioxidant activities (5).Sesamol a coumarin derivative present in sesame seeds is known to efficiently scavenge hydroxyl, one – electron oxidizing, organo haloperoxyl .Lipid peroxyl in in-vitro and in vivo, it was found to inhibit lipid peroxidation, hydroxyl radical- induced deoxyribose degradation and DNA cleavage. (6)The wound healing activity of sesame oil after local administration maybe due – at least in part - to its potent antioxidant activity .Beta – sitosterol has the ability to relieve inflammation , heal burn wounds, relieve pain and potentiate the healing ability of burn wound of sesame oil .

Drug indications



For burn skin Burnagol should be applied as immediately as possible. A thin layer (about 1mm thickness) should cover the burnt area. It is better to keep the wound exposed. Reapplication should be performed twice daily. 3 - 4 times a day for the exposed wounds.


Pregnancy and Lactation : No restriction

Points of recommendation

Burnagol may change its physical appearance in hot seasons but it does not loose its efficacy.

Pregnancy level

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