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with the unique probiotic active ingredient Escherichia coli strain Nissle 1917 for human gut health

Mechanism of effect

Suppression of growth and colonization of undesired ­microorganisms Contribution to optimizing the intestinal milieu and luminal ­metabolism Communication with the intestinal epithelium Colonization ability


Adolescents and adults take 1 capsule ­Mutaflor daily from day 1 to 4, then 2 capsules daily. In case of persistent constipation, a daily intake of up to 4 capsules ­Mutaflor might be reasonable.

Points of recommendation

1-Patients should take ­Mutaflor as a long-term therapy in case of ulcerative colitis to maintain remission.
2-The standard dose should be taken unchewed and with plenty of liquid during a meal, preferably ­breakfast.
3-Potentially occurring flatulence is invariably a sign of a too high dose application and will mostly disappear when the dose is reduced. The daily dose of several capsules must not be taken at one time, but may be distributed over the day and taken with regular meals.

Pregnancy level

Consult a physician before using

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