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Triparanol is a hypolipidemic agent.
according to Merck Index, 11th ed, the compound was withdrawn from the market in 1962 because of its association with the formation of irreversible cataracts.

Mechanism of effect

inhibiting 24-dehydrocholesterol reductase


The drug acts by inhibiting 24-dehydrocholesterol reductase, which catalyzes the final step of cholesterol biosynthesis, the conversion of desmosterol into cholesterol. This results in tissue accumulation of desmosterol, which in turn is responsible for the side effects of triparanol.[ Unlike statins, triparanol does not inhibit HMG-CoA reductase, the rate-limiting enzyme in cholesterol biosynthesis, and in contrast to triparanol, statins can significantly lower cholesterol levels without resulting in accumulation of intermediates like desmosterol.


not available

Drug contraindications

Cataracts , Hypersensitivity to this drug


hypolipidemic agent with high ophthalmic toxicity and irreversible cataracts

Pregnancy level


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Mipomersen , tiadenol , meglitol , probucol

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