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Neurogol Fort

Neurogol Fort Tablet used forAs a sedative in the treatment of insomnia , anxiety and nervous tension. Alleviates irregularity of heart beats due to stressful situations. Each coated tablet contains : Dried extract of Valeriana officinalis 160 mg Dried extract of Melissa officinalis 80 mg Each Neurogol fort coated tablet contains: Dried extract of Valeriana officinalis 320mg Dried extract of Melissa officinalis 160mg

Mechanism of effect

Valerian has demonstrated a number of pharmacological effects including (1,2) : Normalizing of the central nervous system ( it acts as a sedative in states of agitation and a stimulant in cases of extreme fatigue). A recent pharmacological study indicated that both valepotriates and valerenic acid are capable of binding to GABA receptors in a similar fashion to benzodiazepines


Compared with the placebo , valerian showed a significant effect, with 44% reporting perfect sleep and 89% reporting improved sleep. And finally , in another double – blind study of insomniacs , 20 subjects received a combination of valerian root (160 mg ) and Melissa officinalis (80 mg), a benzodiazepine (triazolam 0.125) , or placebo (6). In the insomniac group , the valerian preparation showed an effect comparable to that of the benzodiazepine, as well as an increase in deep sleep stage 3 and 4. The valerian preparation did not , however , cause day time sedation and there was no evidence of diminished concentration based on the concentration performance test or any impairment of physical performance.


Neurogol Fort: for sleep disorders in adults and adolescent one tablet 1 hour before sleep, and can be repeated a single dose during the night . - in Children over 6 years of age, one tablet 1 hour before sleep For anxiety Disorder : - Adults and adolescents one tablet, 2 times a day . - in children 6 years old and over, one tablet a day .

Points of recommendation

Avoid driving and working with instrumentation 2 hours after use .

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