Drug information of Salvizan


Drug group: Topical product

As an antiphlogistic for inflammation of the gum and the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat , for gingivitis and stomatitis. Each 15g of Salvizan gel contains 28% hydroalcoholic extract of salvia officinalis ( sage leave ) ( 1: 2 ratio ). Sage leave contains 3-8% condensed catechin–type tannins (Salviatannin ) : phenolic acids ( Rosemarinic , caffeic , chlorogenic , ferulic and gallic acids ) ; 1-3% flavonoids ( apigenin and luteolin derivatives ) : volatile oil (monoterpenoids , α – thujone - thujone , camphor , cineole , humulene , α pinene camphene , limonene , bornyl acetate and carnosol.

Mechanism of effect

The surfaces at the back of the mouth and pharynx are the first point of contact for ingested or inhaled pathogens and irritants ; the dense masses of
lymphatic tissue in the region confirm their important role in defence. Salvizan gel appears to mobilize activity in the surrounding lymphatic tissues , through its active constituents (1).
It has been experimentally proven that sage products is astringent , antiseptic and disinfectant ( against inflammation ).
It is antibacterial ( 1,2,3 ) fungistatic , virustatic stimulating and can be used in mouth rinses and gargles for inflamed tissue of the oral cavity and throat ( 1,2 ).
It`s volatile oil has antimicrobial activity attributed to its thujone content ( 3,4,5 ). In Germany , sage is licensed as a standard medicinal tea which is applied topically as a rinse or gargle for inflammation of mouth and throat (6).
The combination effects of antiphlogestic , antiseptic fungistatic explain the mechanism of action of this drug


Apply about 1 cm gel on the mouth mucosa and rub with finger tip 3 times a day.

Side effects

allergic reaction


It is not recommended during pregnancy. In lactation period it should be used with caution.
Extra use of Salvizan gel may lead to dryness of the mouth

Points of recommendation

In sensitive individuals to plant material may induce sensitization.

Pregnancy level


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