Drug information of Kondor Majoon

Kondor Majoon

Drug group:

contains:boswella , piper ni,pistacia le, crocus sativus and honey.

Mechanism of effect

Frankincense(Boswellia th.( was used in ancient medicine to enhance memory and studies have shown that consumption of Frankincense enhances the speed of learning.based on traditional medicine resources, Frankincense and Mastic are recommended for memory enhancement.


use one spoonful(5 ml) per day before breakfast


1-Dont use if you have any allergic reaction
2-Keep out of reach of children

Points of recommendation

1-Probable sedimentation in bottle is harmless.shake well before use.
2-For increasing the effect of memorizing , it is better to take with the currant and pistachio.

Pregnancy level

Consult a physician before using

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