Diagnosed with diabetes

Diagnosed with diabetes

Diagnosed with diabetes

 Diabetes is a very common disease, which today is known as an epidemic. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes early can begin treatment and prevent complications.

Diabetes is a very common disease, which is known today as "epidemic." However, if diagnosed early can begin treatment and prevent complications that may lead to the development of the disease.

on the other hand, the delay in diagnosis of the absolute lack of insulin secretion and a reduction in blood acidity may result, due to the accumulation of acids ketoacidosis ( ketoacidosis ) and the development of acidosis.

Diabetic acidosis is a very dangerous situation, which can lead to death, so they must be prevented at any cost.

Tips to diagnose diabetes in children :

1. extreme thirst (and do not say to your child: "free, must a lot of drinking to maintain health").

2. frequent urination, urgency of urination.

3. enuresis or nocturnal bedwetting repeated after the child may skip this phase (weaning), or diapers very wet with the need to be replaced much more (should not attribute it - because the father passengers, or cold weather at night, or the birth of little brother, or that he must change the size of diapers ").

4. low weight (and do not say "grew up so he seems slim").

5. Shortness of breath with a child who is not suffering from breathing problems.

6. headache, weakness, fatigue, drowsiness or dizziness.

7. skin infections. Fungal infections, including vaginal infections in girls.

8. infections of the urinary tract.

9. abdominal pain and vomiting.

In each of these cases, you must perform a urine test to check the level of sugar by a stick or sugar in the blood examination of the finger by domestic screening device (glucose Mitr- Glucometer).

If there was sugar in the urine or the level of sugar in the finger examination is more than 200 mg / dL, they should go immediately to the emergency room at the nearest hospital for children in order to diagnose diabetes  and start treatment.

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