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Sideral Folico

Sideral Folico is a nutritional supplement containing sucrosomial® iron, folic acid and vitamins (C, B12, B6 and D3), useful in the treatment of alimentary deficiencies in women or as a complement when higher requirements of these nutrients are needed
Sucrosomial® iron is in an OROSOLUBLE form: the product comes in practical monodose sachets, which can be dissolved easily in the mouth with no need to drink water
When the lack of iron in the bloodstream occurs as during pregnancy. While trying to conceive, as it contains folic acid. When suffering from heavy menstrual bleeding. When experiencing tiredness, fatigue, exhaustion or symptoms of asthenia. When engaging in regular exercise, as the iron requirements of fertile women are particularly increased by regular physical activity. When pursuing a diet that is lacking in iron
Composition: Iron 21,00 mg, Vitamin C 70,00 mg, Folate 400,00 mcg, Vitamin D 10,00 mcg, Vitamin B12 1,75 mcg, Vitamin B6 1,00 mcg

Drug indications

Nutritional supplement


Adviced dosage is 1 sachet a day directly dissolved in the mouth.


1-Keep out of reach of children
2-Do not exceed recommended daily dose.
3-this dietary supplement should not be used in place of a healthy diet and regular exercise.
4-Store in a cool,dry place out of direct sunlight
5-The product contains polyalcohols:excessive consumption might have a laxative effect.

Pregnancy level

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